Caroline Henry from Palate Press, has recently explored the process of making “naked champagne” by speaking to four of the most recognized zero dosage producers: Ayala, Tarlant, Pierre Gimonnet and Paul Goerg.

The popular Champagne brut often contains 6 to 12 grams of sugar per litre. There are different champagne styles depending on the amount of sugar added in the dosage, but zero dosage champagne has no sugar is added after the second fermentation. A zero dosage champagne is referred to by some winemakers as “a champagne without make up,” so it’s where we get to truly taste the wine…

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Pommery is also set to launch a zero dosage Champagne with a transparent label to signal that the fizz is “naked”, according to cellar master Thierry Gasco.


Thierry told The Drinks Business that Pommery’s 1990 Cuvée Louise had in fact been released with no dosage, although it was never stated on the label.

“With the 1990, the quality of the wine and the honey aromas gave the sensation of sugar, it was enough like that,” he said,

Continuing, he recalled, “When I sold Louise 1990, it was in 1998 and nobody was ready to taste a brut nature, so I put on label ‘brut’, and there was no problem, because the quality of the Champagne and its aromas gave the sensation of sugar without sugar.”

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