I love to learn the history behind elegant venues….

The Plaza Hotel, New York’s Champagne Bar was originally ‘The Champagne Porch’ – overlooking Fifth Avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain, when the Hotel opened its doors in 1907… Even back in 1907, they had the wherewithal to establish an elegant, probably open-aired space, devoted to sipping Champagne and undoubtedly, being seen!

Today, as one of The Plaza’s most exclusive dining venues – which once welcomed legendary figures including the Prince of Wales and Diamond Jim Brady – it has become a favorite destination of ‘the who’s who’ of New York – and beyond.

You can really imagine yourself in the glamourous #champagnelifestyle of pre-WWI with the full service caviar menu, of an evening…. By day, channel your inner ‘ladies who lunch’ by starting your day with freshly baked pastries, smoked salmon and ‘coupes de Champagne’.

The Champagne Goddess will be sure to let you know when a specialised-tour to New York is planned….